Brush Sweeping Service

When your property is covered with dirt and debris, the best decision you can make is to call for a brush sweeper. Utilizing a rotating drum broom, these vehicles can pick up anything they drive over including, but not limited to, mud, garbage, tree debris, and loose gravel. All of which make brush sweepers the ideal choice for event or storm clean up.

J&S Power Cleaning has two classes of brush sweepers: industrial and commercial.

Industrial Brush Sweeping

Industrial brush sweepers are full sized, multiton trucks. These are the trucks that you will see cleaning city streets. Their large size and ample safety features allow them to operate on public roads without the need to divert traffic. This class of truck is the best tool for removing dirt trails left behind by construction crews.

Commercial Brush Sweeping

Commercial brush sweepers are the size of a golf cart. Their compact footprint, superb maneuverability, and LPG (liquid propane gas) engines make them ideal for enclosed areas such as underground parking garages or obstacle filled housing complexes.

If you are interested in our brush sweeping service, give us a call and we can discuss your property’s challenges, creating a service schedule that will keep your property in tip top shape.

Brush Sweeping Service Applications

  • Pre-asphalt seal clean up
  • Event Clean up
  • Post storm debris cleaning
  • Gravel Removal
  • Parking Garages
  • Mud Removal
  • Cleans Up Sand